Stuffy nose everyday?

I get this stuffy nose everyday, it has been monthes but i didnt see a dr or anything. :(

i thought it would go after few days, but no it didnt.

its so tiring, n i think im annoying my classmates in the class, i have to use like 2 tissues then few mins i use 2 more tissues, idk why.

i do sneeze everyday at least once, and i sometimes get this wheezing.

n at night i sleep n breathe from my mouth not my nose x.x

its so tiring idk what to do, so annoying too ~ idk whats the cause? i sometimes get this dry cough.

and if i dun use tissue i sneeze, n sometimes my eyes tear.

do u know the cause? or did u have a similar situation? please help? <3 :C

2 Answers

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