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What foundation should I wear for prom?

Prom is in a month and I'm trying to find the perfect foundation for the occasion. I'm looking for a natural finish with medium to full coverage, I want it to be lightweight and natural looking, I have oily skin so staying power it's important. I was thinking of getting MAC pro longwear but if you have any other suggestions feel free to tell me. Thanks :)

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    I would try out the Dior Forever Foundation, this is one of my favourites for going out. It's for oily skin and it has oil absorbing properties to ensure that foundation lasts all night . It also doesn't cake up or go into creases. I love this one because it really doesn't break me out either. It does have a low spf unfortunately but I wear this to all my big events and I never see any flashback in the photos so the spf isn't that high. If you end up getting this foundation or another, the number one thing I recommend getting is the All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay! This product is my go to for long lasting products, my makeup literally does not move when I use this setting spray, I would say it's way better than the mac fix plus. And it works with every foundation!

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    Revlon photoready defiently! It was made only for persons to put on whilst taking pix. It has a light to medium insurance plan and has some glints in it that seem just a little excessive in man or woman, however in portraits, it makes your dermis seem lovely. Really, this is the first-class for pix. If your watching for more insurance policy without that glittery shine revlon colorstay is how you can go. They have got groundwork certainly for shiny epidermis, and the protection is strong. As soon as it comes on, it will not come off easily, which is best because you'll be able to be dancing and relocating round alot at promenade. If your now not too worried about protection and you've got a good surroundings powder, photoready will make your face seem wonderful in pix. If you need long lasting protection go with colorstay. It makes your face appear flawess. Hope you will have fun!

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    Definitely something with no SPF, because it doesn't look good in pictures. It can leave a white cast on your face in pictures, and for Prom you will be taking a lot of pictures! If you want a great foundation from the drugstore, I love my Revlon Colorstay whipped cream makeup foundation. It's great coverage (it's also buildable), and it claims to last for like 24 hours (not that you want to wear it for that long) haha. If you are looking at higher end makeup, definitely look at the Makeup Forever foundations. (they are amazing). I especially like the HD liquid foundation. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have SPF! Hope I helped

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    i use dinair airbrush makeup and i love it! it covers up everything making my skin look flalwess...they also let me email in my picture and then they just told me which of their shades to made it super simple...ive never had makeup that has looked so good on me before...they have a product called shine free i use and it absorbs all my oil all day long...its amaizng...i hope i helped in some way =)

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    maybe you should try estee lauder double wear?

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