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Subwoofer help please?

Im a dummy with this stuff and know nothing about installing them. I want to get 2 10 inch subs with an amp and i also need a new deck. I want to have this installed professionally but i wanted to buy it online first myself to avoid a higher installation cost. Any tips on what to do would help. I pretty much need to know what to get, where to get it, and where to have it installed. Thanks

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    You should research local install shops ahead of time, including if they will install components that you bring in. Some won't even do it. Others will add a surcharge (meaning you wont' save any money, or might end up paying more). Others might take the job, but then not do a good job on it just to spite you for cutting into their margins. But a good reputable shop will do it on labor only (so READ REVIEWS on them).

    Next you will need: the subs, the amp, the head unit, a dash kit, a wiring harness (maybe multiple depending on the options you get for the head unit), an amp install kit (wires, fuse), if you're getting a huge amp you need a capacitor and a cap install kit. That should cover most of it and anything extra the shop should have on hand.

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    Agree with both answers,you should buy equipment locally because after shipping it is almist the same yet some shops don't accept speakers bought outside.yet if you buy from dealers and you walk in lookin like a baller,they'll give you some bs bout items you don't need to buy and even up the prices on some look like you want to spend as less a possible so I recommend looking for some new or new condition subs and deck off local online sales like craigslist or something,and talk to some buddies and find a installer who does clean work at home(and make sure he's legit on cars he's done).this will save you a bunch,I myself do installs at the house sometimes and have some years of experience from a shop and it save folks a lot with spending half of what they woulve.but that's the cheaper route,if you feel more comfort by shop doing it go right ahead

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    Unless you can find an installer who doesn't also sell the equipment, you might have some trouble saving any money.

    Sometimes shops sell the equipment for more, but the installation is "free" (not really, that's why you pay more), and when all is totaled you might pay a nearly equivalent price. Plus, you'll have a shop to go to if there's any trouble, a new friend in the area (the sales person), and a few bucks in your town that would've ended up in another city or even another state.

    "Support your local car audio shop!"

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