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I Cheated on my diet help!?

Ok so i been doing really good with my diet for almost two weeks exercising around 30- 40 mins days sometimes more! but today i ate freaking mcdonnalds i ate a big mac with fries and a mcchicken! i feel disguting now ughh im feel horrible and the worse thing i didnt exercise because i usally take one day off a week to rest my legs idk what to do! ughh i only did it because my boyfriend told me to cheat once a week and since im flying to dubai in a couple of hours i got all excited and got caught up in the moment i feel so guilty and horrible now what should i do! for breakfast i only ate cucumbers and water and i dont drink anytype whatsoever i been only drinking water for the past 2 weeks or so -__- and today i drank a medium coke

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    ! meal won't hurt just don't do it again. You are fine.

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    Just get back on your diet. Leave sodas alone...all of them diet or not...they are terrible for you. I do think that on a diet you have to give in here and there but you must immediately get back on it. Otherwise I think it's the road to failure. I gave up soda and I'm so missing the bubbles and the sweet but I found that I could make lemonade with seltzer and ... can't think of the name of it. stevia. I have diabetes and it is proported to help my receptors be more receptive so that's good. In the powdered form I have found it mixed with fructose. I just read a study that says fructose helps cancer cells divide so I don't want that stuff in my body at all. I lost a lot of weight...and I should add I was active and I worked out...on 1/2 potato with veggies dumped all over it. Potatoes turn into sugar so you don't want a lot but a 1/2 potato will fill you up with little calories. And I'd usually dump frozen veggies over it I had warmed salt, no butter, no corn or heavy starchy veggies. I ate peeled carrots a lot too. They are filled with sugar but they are filling and I like them. I still eat a lot of them. I like cucumbers too and use them for potato chips with my sandwiches. Tonight go for a long brisk walk...that will make you feel good as well as get your metabolism up and tomorrow back on the diet. So you fell off for a day...just get back on. A reasonable diet is a long haul. You will eat things you shouldn't but make an effort not to do it often and make wiser choices. Then get back on and work it off. Hang in there. The effort is worth the result. Don't time your cheating just make sure you don't give in more than once a week and try to do it in a reasonable manner. A good thing to do is eat smaller more frequent meals that are balanced. Pile all the right things on a small quarter sandwich. I uses apples for bread and sometimes cabbage. Tunafish on apples is a big favorite. Leave the sodas alone. They are about the worst thing you can put into your body. If you just have to have one..take a sip or two and pitch it and wean yourself off of them. I'm drinking seltzer and found a brand that actually isn't too bad. I worked my way over to it by drinking Perrier which I really like but gets expensive. Good luck and the most important thing is to hang in there.

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    Wow. It's not the end of the world. You had fries, a Big Mac AND a McChicken? That's about...oh, I don't know...1300 calories? Work out a bit longer every day to make up for those calories. And to be quite honest, you indulged, almost binged. Are you sure you're not starving yourself? Cucumbers and water for breakfast are not enough food for your body. A diet isn't not eating.

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    you need a cheat day. I pigged out yesterday, and didn't go to work out today (couldn't sleep from all the food I ate) lol but it's not like I do this all the time. And make sure you still eat all your other meals today.

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    Not sure how this relates to marriage and divorce?

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