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Is 34D too big for boobs?

I don't know how the bra size thing works...


I am talking about this girl I like...I am a dude

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    it isn't too big. whatever you have is what you have. be happy if that is your size. a lot of people will be jealous

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    No, it's not. The idea that D cups are big is a misconception.

    Bra sizes can actually go to K or L, depends on where you look. But D is certainly not as big as people think it is.

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    I recommend using a needle or something equally as sharp in order to deflate them. Sometimes when you put too much air in them they can get large and cumbersome. I'd imagine they would get in the way while gardening and doing dishes.

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    See a doctor soon, a dude with 34 D boobs is just wrong

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  • 8 years ago

    That's the perfect size anymore would be too big but you have the perfect size not huge but not small congratulations

  • 8 years ago


    I'm a 32F and not complaining - if she's naturally blessed she's very lucky, I had to pay for mine!!

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