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what do these dreams mean?

okay, ive been having a bunch of dreams for about a years now, each one gets more detailed, and in every dream I'm a different person, in a different place, and in a different time frame. but almost every dream has this character i have come to call the dark prince (a shadow figure with a face that looks like a black skull with red eyes, mouth, and nose, and he has a red crown. he never seems necessarily threatening, in fact he always seemed to give off a protector vibe. then there is a girl with black hair, green eyes, and freckles, she always around the age of the my character and we always get along really well, and in my last dream the only thing i can remember is something about me falling off a bridge into a black river that had like faces popping out of it, but i did it on purpose and i felt really calm and just peaceful, then i remember later on in the dream there was something about a wooden chair, and there was that girl again except this time she was a ghost and she was trying to tell me something really important but i cant remember what it was, this was one of the least detailed dreams ive had in a while, there was another dreams where i was a teen close to 17 im guessing with long black hair back around when the pilgrims came to america and where killing people who where accused of being witches, my character was about to be hanged but as they were putting the rope around his neck he smiled and said in german "forget me not, for shall i return" and his shadow which was casted upon the wall by the light of torches was that shadow thing with red eyes, nose, and mouth. there was another one where i was hidding in a bush watching some masked man just murder another with an axe and walk away, we were on the side of a house and in the window was that shadow thing again making that shhhh sign with his mouth and finger. these are just a few of hundreds of dreams. so what is he... what is it? and who is the girl? what is this all about?

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    It means nothing. It is just stuff you imagine or dream during night because you always think about that. I hope this helps and...



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