Why is being a slut considered a bad thing?

No. I'm not talking about having sex for money A.K.A. being a prostitute, or cheating on someone. I'm talking about women engaging in casual sex. Watching pornography. Having 'loose' sexual morals, as people like to say. I call it engaging in sexual acts that go against gender expectations.

Why do people still consider it to be such a bad thing? Why is it okay for men to do it, but not women to? Are we still living in the 50's? How is it 'immoral'? People need to understand that morality is highly subjective, apart from obvious things such as rape or murder, which trigger the human conscience. I could go on, but I don't want to get into a philosophical rant.

I hear people always say, 'it's because women can get sex much more easily'. What they don't understand is that slut-shaming is the main reason why men can't get sex as easily as women! If women weren't slut-shamed, they would offer sex much more frequently, and men would be less desperate for sex. It would all balance out.

By the way, if anyone did cheat, regardless of gender, they should be looked down on for deception, not due to the fact that they had sex with multiple people. If there was no commitment, I see no problem with it.

Slut-shaming is detrimental to society. Women's libidos are f**ked up because of it. Women are much hornier than what the media shows, but slut-shaming forces them to hide it. Many girls have taken their own lives because of it. Just look at Amanda Todd or Rehtaeh Parsons. I blame their deaths on slut-shaming.



Having sex 'should' be special? Who says? Sex and love are two separate things. Yes, sex does feel better with a strong emotional connection, but that doesn't mean sex without love is a bad thing. Plus, love comes with a lot of drawbacks and risks. Sometimes people don't want to deal with it.

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@Mrs. Rivera

I'm not religious, sorry. Your points don't really apply to me.

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I'm pretty sure you're trolling.

Well, if that isn't the case, then what if a women is a slut for herself only? What if she doesn't give a sh*t about the men she sleeps with? Then what?

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@Anonymous Anomaly Creationist

Though you are correct to a certain extent, slut-shaming WAS a big part of it. She was called a whore and a slut by her bullies, and they assumed she 'asked for it', or that she consented to sleeping around. Some people in the world are cruel enough to slut-shame rape victims.

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I respect your opinion, and I'm glad you respect mine. I wish more people were like you.

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    Well, because it's immoral. If you are a Christian at all then you know that God sends strong warnings against sleeping around and that women should be married before engaging in sexual activity. It doesn't matter what society thinks about the differences and men an women doing it. We should live our lives and be virtuous women. Men shouldn't be doing either, but they do.

    Actually, men don't give a crap about slut shaming. They don't care about your life if they are just looking for someone to screw. And yes, it's wrong to sleep with multiple people. Not only is it immoral but it is a total lack of regard for someone else's health and stds that can be spread. No one wants to sleep with someone who's been around.

    I agree that slut shaming is bad, very bad. A lot of times that happens to rape victims, in that case it can't be helped that they were forced into sex. The victim should never be blamed.

    Please, get a little self respect. Your hole is not for the world. It's for ONE man.

  • 7 years ago

    "Well, because it's immoral." In YOUR opinion. OP specifically stated that morality is subjective.

    "If you are a Christian at all" Which I am not.

    "We should live our lives and be virtuous women." Oh, shut up.

    "Actually, men don't give a crap about slut shaming." Surprisingly, some men are feminists.

    "They don't care about your life if they are just looking for someone to screw." Is this how you feel about your husband?

    "And yes, it's wrong to sleep with multiple people." Once again, in your opinion.

    "Not only is it immoral but it is a total lack of regard for someone else's health and stds that can be spread." And this is why condoms were invented!

    "No one wants to sleep with someone who's been around." I know plenty who will disagree.

    "I agree that slut shaming is bad, very bad. A lot of times that happens to rape victims, in that case it can't be helped that they were forced into sex. The victim should never be blamed." This is the first intelligent thing you've said.

    "Please, get a little self respect." While I won't deny that some 'sluts' do lack self-respect (as a lot of women do, 'sluts' or not), what is wrong with a woman going out and getting what she wants?

    "Your hole is not for the world. It's for ONE man." Only if you want it to be!

  • James
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    8 years ago

    I see nothing wrong with wanting to have sex ONLY with your spouse. That singular behavior that practically defines the marriage bed is a blessing and a joy to the newly wedded couple. And, as the majority of people marry or live in a committed relationship, casual sex BEFORE the wedding night IS cheating on your spouse. Sex CAN be the most wonderful physical expression of the love two people share for each other. Sex shouldn't be as casual as entering a deli and asking for a bologna sandwich. When---and if---a sexual libertine does marry, they will probably fall asleep on the wedding night. To them, sex will be BORING. By the way, when people are bullied into suicide, folks shouldn't shift the blame to an alternative reason. That excuses the behavior of bullying, and allows its filthy practice to murder more people.

  • Rehtaeh Parsons' suicide has nothing to do with her being sexually promiscuous. That has to do with humans being so f**ked up that they'll gang rape a girl and put the blame on her. But I don't want to get into this subject because it makes me overwhelmingly angry.

    Anyway, I agree with some of the things you said. Women should be able to have fun just as men do. I'm not one for casual sex(I'm not comfortable with the idea of sleeping with a guy I barely know) but that doesn't mean other women can't have casual sex

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think it's really just an old stigma that hasn't gone away. I think part of the reason it's seen as such a bad thing is that people often assume that a woman who enjoys sex and has multiple partners also has low self esteem or some psychological issues stemming from childhood, even when these assumptions are all wrong they still get made.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    it could have undesirable consequences, despite if it is consensual settlement to scratch one yet another's itches. The worst is in all hazard that it could forestall a actual courting which contains worrying approximately you previous what you're able to do for the different man or woman sexually. often the human beings who will make investments the attempt and time to variety and take care of this variety of courting are no longer fascinated in somebody who has intercourse casually, no longer because of the fact of a few religious or ethical subject yet because of the fact it speaks to that man or woman having shallowness or different matters. It often will become one-sided, the place one among the two people who've had intercourse mutually needs a courting and the different does not. i've got considered this happen plenty with 'acquaintances with reward' relationships. And we will not gloss over the reality of STDs which won't be in a position to be cured, a number of which could kill you. Condoms take care of to a severe degree, yet no longer something's a hundred%. The extra companions, the extra hazard.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't know what to say. I don't see it as a wrong thing. Though I wouldn't go out with a woman who gave it up easily. Why? Well, because It means something to me.

    Anywho, all I can do it convince people around me to stay open minded. I am one less person you have to worry about that would slut shame another person.

    Source(s): My religion taught me to be kind. So, I won't do you wrong if you don't do me wrong,
  • 6 years ago

    I only slut shame on women who cheat :), cause cheating is betrayal and betrayal has caused several of my best friends to die and now i have trust issues, wonderful how women have partially ruined my life but im still in love. being a slut isn't bad unless your an addict then that's bad, moderation is key. and if you cheat your human scum and should die a fiery death :)

  • 8 years ago

    I think slut is a very honorable and right thing for a woman to be. Women were invented to serve and please men and so how better to do that than by being an artful slut?

    Note, slut-ness is not for underage girls.... under about 25... because the younger just do not understand what they are doing.

  • 8 years ago

    Having sex shoud be special. You should only have sex when you're in love, not with just anyone. It should be a connection between just you and your love, but if you've have sex easily, then what's special about it? Nothing.

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