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How could I combine a 13 and 6 year old's birthday parties into one?

I'm wanting to combine because we moved out of town and this would help our family not have to drive out for 2 separate occasions. The drive time for them is 90 minutes to 2 hours. At least 10 family members have said they wanted to come on their birthdays.

My daughter will be turning 13 and my son will be turning 6. I thought of having a full cookout. Set up a separate room or outside for a reptile show for the little ones. Have the 6 year olds party start at 3.

They will have separate cakes as one of them likes chocolate and the other vanilla.

We'd sing happy birthday at the "end" of the 6 year olds party/ an hour into the 13 year olds.

My daughter's friends would be dropped off by the moms. They will basically have a sleepover with movies and games galore. My best friends are also staying with me and helping. She wants the game room set up like a movie theater with movies and popcorn in abundance and No closed doors.

Do you think this would run okay? Their birthdays are both in June.

My actual family and close friends will stay until the night time I'm sure to help and clean up.

Opinions? Thoughts? Maybe have something else besides a reptile show for the boy or just rent a moonbounce. I know the 13 year olds would want to jump in it too.

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    I know that I hated having a "shared" party as a kid, but I do understand where you are coming from.

    Maybe instead of saying to your kids that they're having a shared party tell them that their parties will be on the same day so that family doesn't have to make the long drive twice. It's just a slightly different way of wording it, but it might make all the difference.

    I like the idea you have of staggering the timings so they feel more separate, but isn't 6 year old and 13 year olds at the same time a bit too much to handle?

    If I were you I would have the six year olds party in the morning say 10 to 1 (they can eat pizza and cake for lunch) and the 13 year olds party in the afternoon to make it less hassle (although longer) and more "separate parties"

    Good luck!

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    A scavenger hunt could be an exceptionally relaxing subject to do! you should do it at a mall or something. i do no longer understand how huge city you're in is so i'm undecided what all your strategies are. yet another relaxing thought could be to get somebody who's good with a digital camera to take %. of you and all your friends ya'll would have your makeup and hair accomplished or do each and each others and then dangle up different shade fabrics for back drops. or possibly you have like a karaoke party i understand you are able to lease the extremely good machines from a party employer. i'm particular you have relaxing no count what you do!

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