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What should I bring for a field trip?

We are going on are annual 8th grade end of the year field trip. We are going to five different places we have the zoo, the state museum, the IMAX theater, NCAA hall of champions, and white river gardens. I was wondering was food to bring we are going to be gone for 11 hours and I know I need a lunch & plenty of water and drinks but my mom said I also need 2 bring snacks so my blood sugar doesn't drop so I dont know even know what to bring for lunch or snacks or drinks? Could someone help me?

Thanks for the help

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    I would recommend a few lunchables, some granola bars and some kool-aid. That would be healthy and should satisfy your appetite while you are away.

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    Water and a digital camera in case you have one and/or binoculars based the place you're going. per danger some form of fruit in case you get hungry. :))) 2 and a million/2 miles won't be that far. you would be high quality in basic terms some issues. :))))

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    I would recommend meal replacement bars, like Clif bars. They have lots of protein and carbs for energy, they're low in calories (about 250 per bar), and they're very portable. You can literally eat them anywhere.

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    Cheese crackers

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    You should get salty and sweet biscuits and if you like any energy drinks i think you can take them to all these places

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    1/4 pound of pure, refined, cane sugar.

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