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What is a list of things you need for a horses?

I want a horse and am saving up for one. I was wondering what all the things I would need are (just for the horse) Thx!

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    Money. Lots and lots of money. My horse was a rescue, and therefore very cheap, but I've spent probably 10000X what I bought him for just in care. And I don't show. Saving up for a horse is like saving up for buying a new house...a new one once a year every year for the rest of your life. It's crazy expensive, even if you get a cheap horse. I don't want to turn you off of getting one, I just want you to be prepared for the amount of money they cost to keep. Vet bills cost thousands of dollars, and if your horse needs a vet, it NEEDS A VET, so that money adds up. Plus you need maintenance vet work, like sheath cleanings if you get a gelding, and medicines if you have a horse with some kind of condition (Mine needs Adequan regularly, which adds up $$$). Then you need a farrier or trimmer, depending on whether or not you want your horse to be barefoot or shod (my trimmer is $65 a horse, every 4 weeks), lessons/a trainer to teach you how to ride (usually anywhere from $50-$150, depending on the trainer, though it could be more or less (i doubt it would be less, though)), and a barn to board the horse at (I would recommend not keeping the horse at your own house, especially as a first time horse owner. It's an incredible amount of work and responsibility. Boarding barns usually cost anywhere from $350-$900 per horse a month, depending on the stable. It can of course cost more or less, but I would be careful of the really cheap places because of the care your horse will be getting. You want to make sure that, since you won't be there all the time, your horse will be well taken care of and looked after. My boarding barn is so great that they have called me at 1 in the morning to tell me my horse was colicing because they noticed he was acting funny. I sleep better at night knowing a have wonderful people looking out for my horse when I can't be there, and that's certainly worth the money I pay to be there). The list of basic everyday supplies in one of the other answers is a good start, as well. I just wanted to be sure you knew about the really expensive parts of owning a horse, as well. They are absolutely worth the money we spend on them, though! Good luck! :D

    Source(s): Grew up with horses my entire life, and now a long-time horse owner myself. :)
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    Well, you'll need a good boarding barn, a really good equine veterinarian and farrier, and about 4 years worth of lessons. Horses are a GIANT responsibility, and will take up your entire life. Social life? What social life? I certainly don't have one :)

    Anyways, basic supplies:

    Show clothing of necessary

    Turnout Blanket/Stable Blanket (probably 200g)

    Fly Sheet (Light or normal depending on your weather)

    Fly mask (I like with ears)

    Fly boots - I personally don't use them, but some need them

    Sleazy - for cold climates

    Saddle (English or Western)

    Bridle/Headstall depending on which style you ride

    Bit (probably eggbutt, I personally use argentine and eggbutt snaffle, I HATE corrections)



    Saddle Pad

    Breastcollar if needed


    Stirrup leathers

    Spurs, if you use them (I never do)

    Other tack

    Riding boots (tall, western or paddock)

    Soft brush

    Hard brush

    Medium brush

    Face brush

    Finishing brush

    Curry comb

    Mane comb

    Tail brush

    Hoof pick

    Hoof brush


    Shine spray - if wanted



    Sweat scraper

    Deshedding blade

    Egg bot knife

    Halter - I like Nylon - they're strong, inexpensive and easy to clean: plus, my horse doesn't chew it



    Bell boots/Overreach boots

    Lunge Line

    Lunge whip

    Hoof polish/protector

    Thrush buster


    Treats - I like Manna Pro Bite - especially peppermint!

    Toys - I love Jolly Balls!

    Buckets if not provided by your stable

    I probably forgot stuff... I know I have it, but lol I can't remember :)

    Source(s): Experience!
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    8 years ago



    Hay net

    Water bucket


    Plastic shovel


    Saddle with stirrups


    Cleaning fluid for the sadle

    Brush kit with hoof protectant


    There may be more research more about it

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