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What are Justin Bieber Meet and Greets like?

My friend and I got Justin Bieber Meet & Greet tickets and I was wondering what it was like? I have googled things and there were people who were very disappointed with the Meet & Greet and others who loved it. So I was wondering if it just depended on the kind of ticket you have or where you are in line.

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    They're very short, and how good the experience depends on his mood. I went to the London M&G and Justin was in a grumpy mood and didn't talk to me. But in Holland he was in a good mood and hugged and did a silly pose with everyone. They last about 20 seconds max.

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    8 years ago

    I'm sure it'll be fun! a lot of his fans say he is very involved, meaning he can connect with his fans on a personal level! So hopefully that's the case with you and your friends!

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    He will be 2 hours late so grab some snacks and he also will compare how big his vagina is towards you so be prepared to be touch there.

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    Well if you must know, he tends to pick the prettiest girl and takes her to his private room. I know this because he picked my mom one time and she said he tried to touch her inappropriately, and a year later I had a baby brother.

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    He talks about how great he is and how Anne Frank (died in the Holocaust) would have been a Belieber. Seriously, he is effed in the head.

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