Big life decisions, what's the way to go?

My boyfriend and I are both seniors in college, have been dating for about 5 months, and we have been getting along great. However, this entire time, we have been in a long-distance relationship, so of course, it hasn't been entirely smooth sailing. However, we're both graduating in a month, and have been searching and applying for jobs in the same cities, hoping we both land jobs in the same one and can experience our relationship not long-distance and grow more as a couple in the real world.

However, just today, my boyfriend got a call saying he was offered a job - which is great, but its not in one of the cities we were looking at. It's neither the biggest nor the greatest of cities, which is why we had not looked there much. He's concerned now though that this will be the only offer he gets, and he doesn't want to miss out. However, that would mean a lot of strain on our relationship since I don't want to move there.

He has a week to either accept or decline, and neither of us know what to do.

Should he take the job, and see what happens with our relationship? Or should he decline, and we continue to search in the cities we had originally picked out?

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    8 years ago
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    He should decide which is more important a better job or a better relationship.

    Source(s): 50 shades of grey
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