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again sons credit report?

ok ive written 2 different articles regarding how my son cannot get his credit report, some had good choices but with a little flaw, first of all, someone stated its fraud as im trying to get it, well no we both are im just doing the work for him he lives with me is schizo/bipolar so im not breaking the law or doing it illegally hes here with me, second of all he hasn't worked in 10 years and what I meant under the table was not well put yes he has done a few jobs under the table per the employer like a friend who needed yard work done, that type of stuff, but he did work for a temp agency and did pay taxes,years years ago hes never had credit nor should he have bad credit but we believe his identy was stolen and that's why we want to get it, again he is here asking me to help him so its not illegal for me to help him, they are requiring now a drivers license but he cant get it as he has fines to pay off, no bills in his name ever, when he lived on his own they were in his roomates name. so thank you all for your input.

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    Your situation seems to have multiple layers, so here are some thoughts:

    1. Because of identity theft and fraud credit bureaus have had to really crack down on who has access to information. In order for them to leagally give you information your must have the legal right to obtain it. Do you have guardianship (awarded bu a court) or a durable and medical power of attorney for your son (signed and notarized). If yes, then you need to start my establising your right to his information. Call the credit agency and tell them you have one of these documents and ask what happens next.

    2. If the issue is proof of your son's identity most states offer a state legal ID which will be accepted as proof of identity. If your state has an ID card, take your son to get one.

    3. Lastly, if these channels fail, contact the non emergency phone number for your local police department and as if they have an identity theft office/detective. Many do these days and they may be able to help you launch a formal investigation.

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    Frankly, I don't think you are going to find any real answers here. I've seen and responded to your questions several times.

    I suspect that you can't get a report because he has NOTHING on his credit file -- that means no ID theft. But if you want actual confirmation from the credit bureaus, you may have to resort to an attorney. You might contact a NACA attorney:

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    he needs a state issued id. No way around this.

    and id costs about $15.

    he needs to send this to the credit bureau addresses (must be done by mail).

    with a short letter requesting reports.

    also send a copy showing his address and a a copy of ss card.

    they will send you something back stating, that he has no credit established.

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