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What are some good books to read?

I know, I know, this is an incredibly broad question. But let me expand in the description.

I'm a college kid and also in the military and I want to maintain my status of "intellectual". Therefore, I'm not interested in fantasy or even fiction, let alone sensual. I want some books to read that should be read by everyone and that I can learn from. Like I said, I'm in the military as a tank crewman and also open to reading military genres.

I hate literature like Shakespeare and stuff. Huck Finn is about the most advanced reading I can pull off on my own, anything more difficult and I start repeating sentences and paragraphs and end up nowhere.

Currently, I'm about half way through The Prince by Macchiavelli

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    You should try The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

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    The Last Myth: What the Rise of Apocalyptic Thinking Tells Us about America by Mathew Barrett Gross and Mel Gilles

    Honestly, I'm more of a fiction/fantasy person myself, but I found this book fascinating. It's not a difficult book, but it looks at American culture and the development of the idea of the apocalypse from a perspective we don't usually see as people who are living in this era right now. I think it will definitely keep you thinking, and I highly recommend it.

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    Read history and historical biography. Impress your friends and profs.

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