Who is god's designer or did he just pop out?

So, I love this argument:"Everything needs a designer".So god would need one too right?

If he didn't then how did he come into existence?And the answer to that can't be applied to the creation of the universe?

If gods had a designer then wouldn't that designer need on too and so on?A infinite loop of designers?

If god just pop out into existence then YOU ADMIT that the universe could have poped out too.

Also imagine you ask god if he thinks/believes he had a designer,he'd most likely say no because if he said yes it would mean there would be infinite designers, so if he said no wouldn't god be an ahteist?Think about it ;)


So most your arguments are :"God always existed"

Sorry but;Then the universe could have too.Prove that it didn't and god did.And by prove I don't mean 100% I mean something that would make it "good enough" to believe it.

"we cannot understand him"

Then why you whorship,love,follow god?If you cant comprehend it,isn't it just ***-kissing?And you'd go to hell because of that?

Also; why would a almighty being want our worship and praying?

Update 2:

If god always existed,then he didn't have a beggining?Sounds right.PROVE ME THE UNIVERSE DIDN'T TOO.Couldn't the universe have always existed?How do you KNOW it didn't?Your just too prideful in your beliefs and rejecting other possibilities.

"We can't understand it, so it must have been a almighty man in the sky."

Let's say something created the universe,don't you think a "spiritual" thing created matter and have been something else then Yahweh?I mean your answer is something out of time, but how do you know there is NO piece of matter outside of time?How is it logical to assume something eternal and almighty created is just because we don't know exactly what did?

Update 3:

Question- If God created all things then who created God or did he create himself?

Answer-. First you can’t make something out of nothing without an eternal being already being there. You can’t exist and non exist at the same time. You can’t cause your own existence. Being in a state of potentiality and actuality at the same time.

Something that has an eternal nature never comes into existence. Otherwise it has a beginning which means it did not always exist. What undergoes a change cannot be God. Change describes something not retaining its own being, only something that is created is subject to change.

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    By definition, the Christian God never came into existence; that is, He is the uncaused cause (Psalm 90:2). He was always in existence and He is the one who created space, time, and matter. This means that the Christian God is the uncaused cause, and is the ultimate creator. This eliminates the infinite regression problem.

    Some may ask, "But who created God?" The answer is that by definition He is not created; He is eternal. He is the One who brought time, space, and matter into existence. Since the concept of causality deals with space, time, and matter, and since God is the one who brought space, time, and matter into existence, the concept of causality does not apply to God since it is something related to the reality of space, time, and matter. Since God is before space, time, and matter, the issue of causality does not apply to Him.


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  • 8 years ago

    The universe is physical and thereby must follow certain rules which includes the need for a creation. God is spiritual so whatever rules govern him; we cannot comprehend since our sense only can fully detect the physical. In some ways we do detect the spiritual but not in a solid enough way to quantify and measure and therefore explain.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this argument but it comes from a misunderstanding of the divine.

    The two laws of thermodynamics prove the universe was not eternal. Astronomers have come up with many proofs that show the universe has a starting point and will have an ending point. A little research can prove that your original premise that the universe is eternal is seriously flawed.

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    Quoting a scripture from the Bible in Isaiah 43:10 where it says, "Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none." Before Jehovah God there was no one. And there still continued to be no one who could ever be of higher power. There still continues to be no other god. The concept can be hard for some people to believe. But just like you've stated where you said, "If gods had a designer then wouldn't that designer need on too and so on?A infinite loop of designers?" If there was a loop of designers, wouldn't you think that one of them would have no beginning, there was always there and chosen to create individuals? Jehovah God is our Creator who has designed everything on earth and above. Jehovah God could not have just popped out of nowhere. If so, what could have made God pop out of nowhere? The Bible sheds light on this question. Jehovah God has always been inexistence. He has no beginning and no end. (1 Timothy 1:17)

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    The explanation for the explanation is invalid, if it was needed we would have to have an explanation for every explanation. This would result in an infinite number of explanations for everything and would destroy science as we know it.

    Besides God is eternal, meaning he has always been. The universe isn't eternal, therefore the universe had a designer.

    "Wouldn't God be an atheist?"

    He knows he exist, so no.

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  • 8 years ago

    Nope He doesnt ill explain at end

    Ill explain once done with ur other ?s

    Nope it cant

    Atheist believe in no God, God obviously knows He exist sooo not atheist.

    He wants our love worship (cuz of what He did for us) and a personal relationship.

    Now ur explanation:

    Follow me now

    God made time

    The creator of anything is never subject to the created

    Programmer not subject to his program

    So God is not subject to or inside of time

    No time no causality no before no after

    Since He is not subject to causality and there was Literally literally No before God He has nor needs a creator

    God always existed uncreated, nothing never existed.

    No the universe cant just exist its in time and has a beginning which means theres a before to it, meaning it needs a creator.


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    See...you're a person and so am I. That's why you cant understand God. He doesn't need a designer because he is the designer. He always existed and always will... so there is no infinite look of designers. God made everything for us to be happy. God didn't make your brain to be able to process everything. Same with me. But he is the One and Only True God. and he is forever. :)

  • 8 years ago

    God is a spirit, not a physical thing like the universe. That is why he can always have existed, whereas the universe had to be created.

  • 8 years ago

    If everything needs a designer, then god does too. To say that he always existed and the rules don't apply to him is called "special pleading" and is a logical fallacy that renders the argument invalid.

  • 8 years ago

    Do we exist? Yes. Good answer. Does anybody get it probably not. God god is a title and is not attached to a super natural being. The word god gives reference to that which has dominion nothing else. Do we have a creator yes, and if it is the universe itself it still created us, and has dominion over all that is within its realm. In its self it has laws. A hydrogen molecule is hydrogen molecule and when this formula is completed H2O, water is created nothing else it this is not chaotic and morphs into carbon it remains H2O until broken apart. Where is the caos? There are others in the universe who have advancements in technology that allows them to travel to other planets create their own spiecies and then colonize habiitible planets, and possess the knowledge of immortality, and if we submit our will to Him He offers us our immortality.

  • 8 years ago

    Unfortunately logic doesn't really apply to religious beliefs ;)

    Guy above me: So why can't the universe have always existed in a cycle of crunches and expansions, or as part of a multiverse?

    How do you know our universe isn't part of something that has always existed?

    To the other guy/girl who said : "The universe isn't eternal, therefore the universe had a designer" Most hilarious piece of 'logic' I've heard in a while! Complete non-sequitor.

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