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I have a few questions about Doberman's?

I'm getting a Doberman puppy in a few days! :) And I just had a few questions. I would probably prefer someone who owns a Dobie to answer these questions...

Are they loving? What should I feed him? Someone told me that I should mix carrots, and apple and stuff with their food... Do they eat a lot? How much energy do they have? Are they playful?

And if you have any other tips I would really appreciate if you could tell me because I'm extremely nervous about getting this dog.

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    My brother has a 4 year old Doberman. She is a 70 pound lap dog. Has the calmest most loving temperament. She is an outdoor dog so she eats 3 cups Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice to help with her skin and coat per day. She loves to chase her yellow football. She did have lots of energy but has calmed a lot as she aged. She is from good breeding stock and had all health clearances so they did breed her once. They have not bred her since because they have not had enough people to reserve the pups.

    She has had basic obedience training and some advanced training. She has been socialized with many people, sounds and other animals. My brother has a 7 acre farm so she has been around other dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, goats, ducks, horses, pigs and a bird.

    Being a strong, assertive owner is a must with a Doberman. Make sure you train, socialize and exercise it well and enforce rules, boundaries and limitations.

    Make sure that your dog is bred for temperament. You do not want a Doberman bred with aggression.

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    Ok Dobermans are awesome but you really really should had researched this all out before you even thought of looking for one. But to answer your questions, they are amazing and loving. you need to make sure you provide tons of exercise because they have energy and are very smart. You need to make sure you well socialize the dog so you don't have problems later on. Carrots and apples are good treats. I wouldn't be putting them into the food just given as treats. You will have lots of fun with your doberman but it is a lot of work like any dog. Your vet can help you with the food

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    A few questions??? Before you get this dog you need to do research on the breed and see if this type of breed is a good fit for you and or your family or anyone that is going to be around the dog.

    If you are EXTREMELY nervous about getting this dog then don't!!!

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    If you've given the breeder a deposit, and you can get it back, do so. If not, cut your losses. Don't get a Dobe. After reading the questions that you've asked here, it will either go back to the breeder or end up in Dobe Rescue anyway.

    This is the most important tip I can give to someone who has done NO research as to what they're getting into.

    Source(s): Doberman owner for almost 30 years.
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    The Doberman breed requires a firm & confident handler.

    If you are nervous about your purchase, the Doberman breed is NOT for you.

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