In search of tall plants for privacy from neighbors?

My next door neighbors have young boys who are constantly throwing things over my fence at my dog(garbage, toys, even caught them with bricks once). Despite conversations with their parents, it continues while they're not watching. I'm looking for plants that are relatively cheap that are tall enough to block the children but I don't know anything about plants or how fast they'll grow. We're in south-east Michigan also so I don't know with the weather going back and forth if it takes out options.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Arborvitae grow a foot a year or more, depending on the species. They're popular for screening, and are one of the cheaper plant you can get for the height you're going for.

    They are similar to leyland cypress, but unlike leyland cypress, will actually grow will in your cold winters.

  • 8 years ago

    I know some homeowners who do not wish to have actual trees as privacy because of the space they take up, the cost to purchase them and the care they may take, but these people have successfully used red raspberries for privacy at a fence line.

    The only thing is in the winter (not sure if the neighbour problem is as bad in the winter), the leaves of the raspberry plants not on the bushes.

    A helpful link:

    They do grow real fast, and are nice and dense type of bushes for privacy.

    Hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK with whatever you decide.

    Neighbours like that would be annoying!

  • 8 years ago

    I live next to a tool who grows junk in his backyard. A few years ago I planted Chinese silvergrass, just to give it a try. In now grows to 16 feet tall and tied-up is a column measuring about two feet in diameter. I plan to plant at least three new sections this spring. I have also planted heliotropes on that side. heliotropes -- also known as false sunflowers -- are native to North America and can grow to over six feet.

    If you want to be mean, plant some stinging nettles near the fence, so that, if the little brats get too close, they will be stung, and stung bad (a stinging nettle sting is as painful as a bee sting).

    There are plenty of fast growing plants that would serve you well. Visit a good garden center and talk to one of the sales people.

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    4 years ago

    Italian or Arizona cypress will do the trick. Very tall, very narrow wood you are able to plant close mutually which will make outstanding privateness monitors with out problem of spreading or perhaps branching over to the neighbor's backyard. They settle for a great style of soil situations and temperatures and are drought and warmth tolerant besides (summer season dry- iciness moist).

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  • 8 years ago

    You can plant Azaleas,box hedge,Leland hedge,your nearby nursery can help you with that'The lea land grows really fast.let it get as tall as you want before trimming it.If all else fails let your dog do his business in their yard and just say it all looks like s..... to Me!

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