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Would these combat boots look good with ripped shorts?

Do these shoes look OK to wear with shorts? // (My boots are laced up all the way btw) & WHAT KIND OF TOP TO WEAR WITH THEM

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    They would look great with ripped jeans.

    I would suggest wearing a top like this with it .....


    P.s if you can't get the link go on to topshop and type in sleeveless lace panel shell and you should find it :-)

    Or this....

    Again this is from topshop and type in silk rib neck tee if you can't get the link :-)

    Hope this helps xx

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    Yes and any top would look fine if they work with the shorts

  • 8 years ago

    yes depending on how short the shorts are.

    were shiny suntan pantyhose to make your legs look even more sexy.

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