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How to talk to a girl?

I'm a guy in high school and have never really had success with girls and there's this girl in my grade at the high school I go to and she's really pretty and seems like a really cool person. The only problem is, I don't have any classes with her or anything like that. I have a couple friends who know her and thought about asking for help, but it hasn't really worked well. My main problem is going up to her and talking because I would feel weird just going up and talking to her randomly. It's a problem I've had for a while is that I can't initiate the conversation because I have no idea of what to say. Please help!

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    **Coming from a Guy**

    Patience is key man!! Don't just walk up to her. Wait until you actually legitimately bump into her. For instance, if shes in line with you at lunch, or you go to an assembly or game and shes sitting somewhere, and you sit next to her. There is no "Cool" way to just walk up to a girl that you've never met before. Problems:

    -The only thing that you two have in common right now is that you go to the same school.

    -You have no classes with her

    -You don't know her

    -You don't know her friends

    -You don't know how to approach a girl at random. (*school is not a bar - you can't just walk up to a girl that you've never encountered before and expect to get a good result.*)

    **Don't listen to these "tools" that tell you to have a pick-up line, or do something you're not comfortable doing. Just be patient, be confident, or otherwise just let it go.

    "I'm a guy in high school and have never really had success with girls.." Bro, just find a girl you have something in common with and go from there. *Remember, you're in high school, so half of the girls don't even know really what type of guy they want anyway. Just be YOU. If you don't feel like you'll get anywhere by running up to that girl and saying hi, then just leave it man. No use taking a shot to your heart/ego over a small crush. Good luck!

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    Well you need to find a way to get her to notice you like if she drops her pencil or her book or something in the hallway then pick it up for her if you're nearby. then her first impression on you should be that you're a nice guy. After that spark up a lil conversation like introducing yourself and then asking how she likes it there at that school. It should lead to other things you two can talk about after that. Take every chance you can get to talk to her but don't make her feel like you're stalking her or you're trying to be a creep or anything. Be really nice and sweet to her. Girls love gentlemen and she'll most likely start to like you after a while.

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    Tell one of your friends to talk to her and then walk up to your friend while he is talking to her and introduce yourself. Your gunna need your friends help in order to know her more.

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