Guys & Girls, random question, but anyone else like me regarding showers?

I love taking showers, especially a hot shower after a long and difficult day! I could take a hot shower everyday of the year, if where I live, it didn't get so hot in the summer time! That said, I take warm to slightly cold showers in the summer time. Also, strictly girls, do you apply lotion after showers to keep your skin soft and smooth? I smell different every single day because of moisturizing, and my skin stays so incredibly soft, I love it! Ha ha. Anyway, apologies if this question is completely random, I can be an entirely random chick sometimes and just wanted to know who else out there loved showers as much as I do! I just feel so clean afterward and that feeling is one of the greatest in the world, in my opinion! :) Thanks in advance!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm a guy and I could sit in a shower all day. When I'm at home and don't have anything to do I fall asleep in the shower a lot.

  • Nick
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    8 years ago

    I dont think it gets as hot here..but beautifull hot showers..all the time...i can do warm..i cant do cold showers at all...even when its hot and showers cool me down....if you know what i mean...

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