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Why am I so bad at school?

My GPa is the 2nd lowest in the grade. But the thing is, I don't talk in class, I take notes etc but it only goes In my short term memory. I do the homework and I never know the answers to the questions so I google the questions and when I get my homework back I get D/C. I am studying for my exams and I can't do the past papers and all of the information is new to me. Wtf is wrong with me? Why do I try hard and fail?! It's pissing me off

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    Maybe b/c u think to much. Believe in your self. Instead of memorizing the work try to understand it. No one can remember everything at one. Try to know it and don't just take note but try to understand and know what the note is about. Try to know not memorize as much as possible. You will do great.

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    You may have some learning disabilities. Your parents should ask the school to evaluate you for learning disabilities. You may need to learn in ways that are different than most people learn so you remember what you learn. This is not uncommon at all. It just needs to be identified so everyone -- the teachers and you -- knows what to do.

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