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Please helo me with the parrot cage. ASAP?

Hi everyone I went out to petsmart and bought a parrot cage that had all of the nessesary things for parakeet. Food, water bowls and food bowls, 1 toy, 2 perches, millet spray, mineral block. The cage itself is kind of bended at the top. please email me at to see the cage because I really need someone to see if its fine for my budgie. I bought a budgie too but then i realized that it was too small for him. I want to give the cage back but the problem is it came with everything and i already opened it and fed it to him. Will I be able to give it back to PetSmart? If not how could I make my budgie comfortable i nhis little cage? please help me , I dont know what to do.


Sorry i meant HElp me with the cage

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Update 3:

thhanks a lot bird boy. please check your email. i have sent you some questions

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    General rule of thumb for a bird cage is twice the wing span of the bird, so that it have room to move around and play. :)

    Also, budgies are intelligent and need different types of toys (wood, rope, paper, bell, etc). It is also a good idea to get a wood perch as well as maybe a rope or cement one, different types of perches are good for their feet. :) Best of luck!

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    Hare Krishna, cage is a kind of fabric body parrot is a kind of soul analogy is so given for 2 reason.. "Why do a touch parrots regard cage as parrots?" i did not get this area of question.. this circle of " leaving one cage and being stuck in yet another cage" represents the circle of life and absence of life.. when we die we take delivery back.. in a sparkling body... hence parrot is stuck in a sparkling cage... this cycle will end after we do not desire for this body (delivery in this planet) back and act hence in this delivery (chant the Holy call and worship the full Lord ) it truly is declared that when one keep in concepts God take a even as of lack of life he is going to HIs living homestead and does no longer ought to take delivery back ( get away from this cage )

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    a good size would be 18in. x 18in. x 18in.(45cm x 45cm x 45cm) and no i doubt you can take it back...I suggest getting a used cage as the cages in pet stores have ridiculous price tags and allot of them are not as durable as they use to be...You can find lots of cages at if you live in canada if not then i can't refer you to another site besides maybe ebay where you have to worry about shipping.

    I believe you emailed me before? If that was you, I have seen the cage and yes, it is small but if he gets lots of time outside his cage he should be fine.

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