What is wrong with my computer and screen?

A few weeks ago I sent my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop into PC Direct because I thought my hard drive was going out. Turns out it was just a fan and they replaced it. When I got it back, I updated a few items and the next day I was using it when suddenly there were red and white vertical lines covering the screen. I shut it off and for the next week or so, almost every other day it would show black and white vertical lines (the red only appeared once). It has also randomly restarted and one time the screen turned purple and looked like a scratched DVD. Frustrated I reset the whole computer to its factory defaults thinking it would solve the problem. So far I think it has but one time it restarted for no apparent reason. However, the laptop is now extremely slow. It takes forever to load the Google homepage. What was (or is) wrong with the screen and how can I fix it? Also, why is it so slow and how can I fix that?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    I might not be so much a problem with the screen as much as it is a problem with the hardware.

    If you have reformatted the drive and you are saying that it is also very slow then i would look at there definitely being a hardware problem.

    Take it back into the shop.

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