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M.O.T how to pass on a 125cc yiying scooter?

Hey there! , I got my self a 2007 reg yiying tommy 125cc scooter, It has ran out of mot, what does does it need to pass a mot, I know the rear brake needs tightening

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    MOT you are in UK

    Tyres 1.6 mm over 3/4 of the tread of tyre visible over all no cuts or bulges or exposed cords

    Wheel Bearings no discernable movement side to side Smooth rotation no tight spots or notchiness

    Wheel nuts tight and all present, all lock pins in place

    Suspension , no leaks no rust on surfaces or area of travel, no notchiness no lateral movement

    Steering no discernable movement side to side or up and down no tight spots or notchiness

    Handlebars straight and attached to forks, switch gear secure on bars Handgrips secure levers secure no sharp edges

    Brake operation smooth and without sponginess tested on a rolling road

    Lights those present must operate

    Exhaust no holes or leaks surface rust only

    Engine bolted secure to frame or mount

    No corrosion or damage to frame

    All cycle parts in good order

    No parts with a curve smaller than your elbow that could cause damage to a pedestrian.

    Thatsit in a nutshell

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    It would be easier to answer if you indicated what State, Country, or Province you were in.

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