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For guys: How often do you compliment girls?

Just wondering. I have received two compliments from this guy. But, I don't know if there is more behind the kind words, or, if he is just being nice. My example compliments:

him- "I like your skirt."

me- "oh, thank you"

him- "if I was a girl, I would wear it."

then another one..

Him- "You look like Little Red Riding Hood, but in purple."

I just don't know what to think. How often do guys usually compliment girls? I guess it all varies depending on the guy? I was just trying to get a guy perspective on it all.

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    Haha this is what we call "joke flirting." Many guys including myself like to making joking but flirty comments to try to get the girl to smile laugh etc. Its a way of trying to tell you that there might be something there.

  • vagle
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    i think of it may pass to far, compliments are incredibly remarkable on occasion yet once you maintain doing it usual it may sense compelled or such as you r only attempting to get in her pants. Plus why do no longer you call her, that's greater own than in effortless terms a communicate.think of correct to the ratio what share cases you compliment her in comparison to what share cases she does you, it should be close to even, the guy who compliments greater is the single which likes the different greater.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I dont usually compliment girls that often unless they are a close friend or I like them so he probably likes you if he is always complimenting you

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