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what are the best hairstyles when playing a sport?

I play softball and for the past 3 years i have had braids or went with a pony or just nappy to a game and i want to change it up. I was looking into have a weave for the whole season. So, i am looking to have it for quite a long time from December to may or June to be exact. so what would be the best weave to get and can i wash it and put it up in a pony if i need to. and what is the maintenance like cause i don't have time to be going home and getting my hair done all the time

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  • Edward
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    8 years ago
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    i do both and my hair is same as yours. i usually do ponytails because theres sorta nothing else to do. or u can u a elastic headband. but why have good hair styles if ur gonna be playing. its gonna get messed up anyways.

  • deroos
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    4 years ago

    severe ponytail with braided bangs off to the facet. severe messy bun additionally with braided bangs off to the facet. purely a undemanding messy bun. Curled messy bun Curled ponytail. All are fantastically amazing. wish this helps.

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