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Gun Laws in NC can i have a handgun?

ok so i know you cant buy a handgun just for target practice till you are 21. But can a parent buy you a handgun and give it to you when you are 18. Also i am 16 and someone told me that if you are an nra member then you can posses a hand gun at the age of 16 if it is just for target practice and you just take it to the range no carrying it around or anything is that true? And if not what about a rifle can i posses one at the age of 16. Please help and give a clear detailed answer

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    You can personally own a handgun at 18 if you can get a sheriff to issue you a pistol permit and find a private seller willing to sell you a gun. You can shoot a handgun at the range with a parent/guardian present.

    Rifles are the same in that to own one you must be 18 but you can possess one before then (typically around 16 since you can drive yourself to go hunting). However most ranges require members to be 18 so again you will need to be with a parent/guardian.

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    No on the NRA stuff. I don't know about NC, but according to Federal law, you can own a handgun at the age of 18. If you are a minor, there are a lot of restrictions on possessing a handgun. You have to carry written parental permission. You can carry a firearm directly to and from an organized competition (check the Federal Youth Handgun Act, the wording may be a little different), the NRA does not have to be involved.

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    No handgun can be transferred to a person without a pistol permit or closed carry permit. Period. Gifts from dad to son or back alley craigslist purchases behind Piggly Wiggly; it doesn't matter. If a handgun transfers hands of ownership, the receiver MUST HAVE a pistol permit or carry permit. No person under 18 may own a handgun, unless they meet certain qualifying exceptions.

    They can shoot it for target practice with supervision of a parent or guardian, but they cannot have ownership of the handgun. There are exceptions to those using the gun for home defense if they are emancipated minors living in their own dwelling. The gun must stay in their home though. Also those who are members of the Armed Forces may own a gun. And those who are using the handgun for hunting and have written permission from a parent or guardian.

    A person over 12 but under 18 may own a long gun and use it at his or her will. A person under 12 may own a long gun, but cannot own/use it unless under direct supervision of parent or guardian.

    Some sheriffs will issue a pistol permit to those under 21 and above 18, but this is rare. Persons in this age group are eligible for legal private purchases of handguns if they could get their hands on a pistol permit. A buddy of mine got the Guilford Country Sheriffs Department to give him one when he was 19. He spent 2 hours at the Sheriffs Department arguing and explaining interpretations of NC and Federal Law.

    I don't know where you got that crap about the NRA. It might be true, but no where in my readings and life have I heard that. If someone tells you laws, take it with a grain of salt, and do your own research. I don't think it's true.


    And it's totally legal to open carry a handgun when you are over 18 but under 21. This is rare, simply because it's hard to get a handgun legally before you are 21 in NC. I open carry occasionally and I am 20. I got my gun when I was a resident of another state. There are no laws regarding open carry on the state books.

    Source(s): Lived in North Carolina most of my life.
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    You need to check your state's open carry laws. Where I live, in Alaska, a kid at 14 can open carry a pistol that is given to them by mom or dad 'for any legal purpose'. At 21 they can conceal carry without a permit.

    Go visit here where you click on the map of the info you want, then you click on the state of interest. If your state says open carry at 16 or 18 - then you technically can wear it on your hip in public (not advisable) but you can certainly bring it to the range at that age. If this is not mentioned - then you must wait until 21. Check out the link.

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    to purchase a handgun in NC you ought to have a Handgun purchase enable, he can practice for one at his county's sheriff's branch. you could oftentimes upward push as a lot as 5 at a time, yet it is as a lot because the guy sheriff. you do not ought to have a handgun purchase enable once you've a CCW, yet in case you do not then you definitely have gotten to get one.

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    you cannot carry a handgun unless you are 21 you can own one but it will be under your parents name who bought it and they will keep it untill you can legally carry it

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    Minors can posses and fire firearms as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

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    red has your answer,, safty course first ok,,,be safe,

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