How is student life for a foreign student in usa/uk/australia?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Adelaide Uni, Flinders Uni, Adelaide Australia. Uni accommodation across road from each uni. Adelaide is cheapest and most beautiful of all the states and the easiest to get into for foreign students. Nightlife just across road from uni so no need to own a car. Good public transport and if you are from India, please don't believe all the rot you hear about racial predudice in oz. Simply not true.

  • 8 years ago

    Student life in UK varies from major-major.If you are into Science And Technology related streams,you would totally be busy at all times but that doesn't stop you from enjoying your time here.You still can enjoy drinking and clubs once in a fortnight.Whereas commerce,humanities,law etc,its all about partying all night long.

    Prefer Universities with a good amount of Indian Students.

    University of Bedfordshire

    Middlesex University

    Angelia Ruskin University

    Cardiff Univrsity

    University of Southampton

    University of Sheffield

    University of Glamorgan

    University of Brighton

    University of Greenwich

    The above universities are worldwide recognized and also have a fair amount of Indian Student and decent facilities.Also nightlife,unions,societies etc are among the best in the country.


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