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Megan asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 8 years ago

Which name would you use to complete this sib set?

So this is just a bit of planning for my girls names list (due in December), We want a final 3 names for girls that match just so we can have a list ready for any future babies! So we currently have;

1)Carmen Hermina Diaz (her-may-na)

2) Melina Erin Diaz (Melina as in Selena)

So which would you use for the 3rd girl to work well with those two?

3.Calissa ___Diaz

4.Calina____Diaz (Is it too much like Melina?)

5.Caliana____Diaz (Kal-ee-ahna)

So which out of 3,4, and 5 works best with 1 and 2?

Opinions on all the names?

Suggestions for middle names on 3,4 and 5?

Sorry this is kinda long so thank you if you take the time to answer as much as you can! :) Best answer will be given :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Calissa is super cute! It goes with the other 2 better than the other two names. I think Calina is way to much like Melina so I wouldn't use it if I were you. Caliana is cute but many people will mess up the pronunciation. I would definitely go with Calissa.

    Middle name suggestions:

    Calissa Jaelyn Diaz

    Calissa Jo Diaz

    Calissa Marie Diaz

    Calissa Maria Diaz

    Calissa Mae Diaz

    Calissa Lynn Diaz

    Calissa Skye Diaz

    Calissa Elizabeth Diaz

    Calissa Jaymi Diaz

    Calissa Brielle Diaz

    Calissa Brianne Diaz

    Calissa Raylee Diaz

    Calissa Skyler Diaz

    Calissa Mackenzie Diaz

    Calissa Noelle Diaz

    Calissa Genevieve Diaz

    Calissa Makayla Diaz

    Calissa Gabrielle Diaz

    Calissa Rose Diaz

    Calissa Olivia Diaz

    Calissa Madeline Diaz

    Calissa Paige Diaz

    Calissa Skyla Diaz

    Calissa Jade Diaz

    Calissa Nicole Diaz

    Calissa Zaria Diaz

    Calina Leanne Diaz

    Calina Lynn Diaz

    Calina Ann Diaz

    Calina Louise Diaz

    Calina Makayla Diaz

    Calina Marie Diaz

    Calina Brianne Diaz

    Calina Lauren Diaz

    Calina Aria Diaz

    Calina Elizabeth Diaz

    Calina Mackenzie Diaz

    Calina Destiny Diaz

    Calina Sierra Diaz

    Calina Jane Diaz

    Caliana Skye Diaz

    Caliana May Diaz

    Caliana Lynn Diaz

    Caliana Elizabeth Diaz

    Caliana Jordyn Diaz

    Caliana Serenity Diaz

    Caliana Danielle Diaz

    Caliana Nicole Diaz

    Feel free to mix around the middle names to the other names! I hope this helps (:

    I love the name Calissa! ♥

  • 8 years ago

    I love Calissa! Gorgeous name.

    Calissa Brielle Diaz

    Calissa Monique Diaz

    Calissa Michelle Diaz

    Calissa Isobel Diaz

    Calissa Elise Diaz

  • Skylar
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    8 years ago

    I like # 3 the best! Calissa is a really cute, unique, and gorgeous name!! :)

    For a middle name maybe...

    Calissa Eloise Diaz

    Calissa Loriana Diaz (lo-ree-ah-na)

    Calissa Esperanza Diaz

    Calissa Marie Diaz

    Calissa Sophia Diaz

    Calissa Danielle Diaz

    Calissa Maria Diaz

    Hope you like them!! :)

  • 8 years ago

    Calissa Diaz works best. Seriously, I love them all! CHD is my favorite, then 2 and 3. They're all strong female names that they'll be grateful for when they're older. How about Calissa Jude?

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  • 8 years ago

    Calissa is definitely the best.

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