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Why do people always blame the arabs?

Just go through the questions put on here in the last half hour.

This is just another repeat of history.

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    Bush and his buddies did their best to villify Arabs and Muslims (people tend to equate them). And people bought into it. They followed the example Hitler set with the Jews. Find a group of people, blame all of societies problems on that group, then pretend the government taking away a lot of your rights (patriot act) and massive government intrusion (including wars) is the only way to protect you from that group. So people hate them not just because Bush and his gang told people to, but they resent the loss of rights they blame on that group rather than the fearmongers.

    And it's easier to blame people who seem different from you and whose culture you don't understand. Faux News and Limberger, et al, have perpetuated that fear and bigotry and, sadly, rather than informing themselves, people just go along with it.

    They seem oblivious to the fact that the vast majority of bombings in the US, and virtually all mass shootings are done by white Americans.

    I wouldn't be at all suprised if this was done by a gun nut mad at the new laws.

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    We don't know what happened.

    Most people,. being concrete bound childish minds,

    like stereotypes.

    the perpetrators are racist religious fanatics after worldly power.

    Like the Tea Party on steroids. But both pretend-religious groups are

    exactly alike as nativists and fanatics--and as of now, any loony for any reason

    can ride by on a bicycle and throw a bomb into any group anywhere

    the bicycle can be ridden.

    Being Arab isn't wrong. Pretending to be religious and seeking

    power over peoples' lives using mass murder, lies and pretensions--that's what's wrong.

    Not Arabs. Not even stupid victims of corporate puritanic newstwisting.

    Fanatics, Thugs, Dictators. Deniers. Liars. That's who I say are wrong.

    Good question.

    Thanks for asking.

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    8 years ago

    Most of the worlds problems come from the Middle East. Of course now we have North Korea on the list of trouble makers.

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    Call it whatever you like but who else other than the arabs came into my Country and killed almost 3,000 people on 9/11/2001?

    And another reason is that they kill one another sunnis vs shiites even on the most of holy days. They are extremely violent people and always will be, and will never have land that they can call as arab land.

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    the usual suspects

    if a child goes missing, the police check what the local known kiddie-fiddlers have been up to

    when there's a city centre explosion, you check out what the local muslim groups have been up to


    the uninformed person below says:

    "Bush and his buddies did their best to villify Arabs and Muslims (people tend to equate them). "


    Bush has been hand in hand with his saudi buddies since the 60's

    Bush (daddy's) oil company was failing and he got a whole shedload of money from somewhere to bail him out - ??? - ever since then he has been seriously in-bed with the saudi's

    the Bin Laden family was allowwed to fly out of america on 9/11 - breaking a no-fly ban - on presidential orders, because the bin laden family and the bush family are best buddies

    It's difficult to try and inform someone who demonstrates complete ignorance. If you have any doubt, all these facts are easily verifyable with a quick google search

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