was it CIA or MOSSAD who were active in Boston today?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Mossad, as usual. Remember how they sent 5 agents to NY/NJ to "document" the event? (They said this right on Israeli tv.They were caught dancing and high-fiving while dressed up as "arabs"; they had been driving a white van which also got a "hit" from bomb sniffing dogs. They were arrested and held for two months and then they were quietly let go. Nobody ever had the balls to ask them how they knew the event was going to happen in order to be able to come to NY to document it. Nope. Americans MUST go to Iran and fight, die and go bankrupt, b/c Israel commands it.

  • 8 years ago

    What we do know is this, they were people. Just, simply some wicked people , nothing more ... nothing less . Whether it was for a country, religious reason, political & even facilitated by a psychologically manipulative mass agenda.. It was done simply by some humans that are wicked, and continue to get away undetected . Of course now, there is only 1 very close group with capabilities to execute such events, with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to stage without detection by the greater whole of people as well as some type of executive control that would aid successful planning without detection and a group with a means to anticipate a sequence of events by potentially monitoring in real-time around these events(not exactly a guy in sandals, a shawl, a nail file, a knife, and an etch-a-sketch inside a tent in the middle of a dessert). This takes a group comfortable with the "where and when" of media tendencies. It takes a group aggressive at understanding calculations & timing in these events ( knowing how to facilitate undivided attention). And finally most importantly, who always seems to benefit or gain and profit from the occurrences in the long term. There is a clear and undeniable sense every human being has regarding reason and who is truly behind these strange events , a sense that some are extremely afraid to speak about or are so psychologically contempt (corrupt) they might even believe they events are necessary by some strange logic. Back to speaking of the groups of people ... most of all this takes a group that holds themselves in higher regard to any others that can execute this. As far as what you are told... The so called militant groups who are the typical popular scapegoats , the so called "terroristic enemies" of the state?.. consider if they did exist, and they ever so eloquently execute these crazy directionless terrorizing "plans", Ask yourself do you think that possibly even "they" , they that supposedly spent so much time creeping (invisible to even a paranoid ridden society) around and executing these perpetrator-less events in such calculated fashion, Do you not think even they might have figured out by now , it does NOT help them or their cause in any way shape or form to do this???

    It is time to see and realize where the "answers" to your questions about these exquisitely executed events are coming from along with who is responsible for your explanation of choice that you subscribe to mostly. For now, in these times, the burden of proof shall be on those that provide the "official" duty of providing the rest of us with explanation. The burden of proof should be against those that insist on claiming authority. Burden of proof should NOT be against those that seek explanation or wish to re-examine anything they want to come to accurate terms with, and whatever it is that they feel compelled to think about, and they have a right to do so. It is those that wish to install explanations, those attempting to defy your very own logic that should have the burden. They are not innocent, they are not your ultimate source of information ,They are just some people, like you, like me, like anyone else in the universe! We hand picked by a greater power to be here in this very place and we ALL deserve the right to speak out to question, and to KNOW! The world... in Boston it very much reflects a very same world where you are right now at this very moment. It seems as though the greater part of the population has forgotten this or can be easily swayed from it.

    Look around you, yes wherever you are , Look around yourself ( likely you wont have to look far) and you will find those "who were active" and remain to be active in Boston today.

    Also, there are many individuals walking around today that would execute events on behalf of these corrupted agencies to set a series of events in motion, even on their own!

    Your question is not necessarily an inquisitive one. But, the real question is... Can you figure out why???

    Source(s): Source? it is starting to sadden me that it is our people who are without a doubt responsible with these sacrifices (as they have call them) for an agenda against fellow UNIVERSAL humanity!!
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    8 years ago

    The CIA and Mossad are active everywhere, but I don't think that means they did it.

  • 8 years ago

    This was probably another false flag terrorist operation by the Israeli government just like the USS Liberty and Lavon Affiar. No doubt, by tomorrow the Jewish media will be blaming Iran to whip up support for US action against them

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    8 years ago

    It was liberals protesting Margaret Thatcher

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    8 years ago


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