I recently got a really great job, in another state. I want to relocate but, I also have a daughter.?

My daughter will be 4 in August. My daughter's father and I have never been married and never lived together. She's never lived with him, either. She's always been with me. Now, my issue is, me leaving the state with her and he somehow stopping me. My child's father is not employed, and he smokes marijuana daily. We have NO kind of court order or anything in regards to custody. He does not pay child support in which there is a court order for that and does little next to nothing in the upbringing of our daughter. I already have plans to move. Pretty much there's no turning back. I just don't want to come this far only for him to yank me back. How do I avoid this if he can stop me from leaving?

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  • Mary
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    8 years ago
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    In order for him to try and stop you he would have to prove he financially supported his daughter and has been a father to her.I doubt he will even care,doesn't sound like he cares now with her living close.

  • 8 years ago

    I'm glad to see that you have a brain! Regardless of marriage status and child support, you still need to protect yourself. You are right when you say that he may try to yank her back out of spite, which he may try and do and you'll be screwed because he can go so far as to say that you were kidnapping his daughter (it happens, and the mothers/fathers get pinned for it all the time).

    He either needs to willingly allow you to do this or terminate all parental rights giving you complete soul custody of your daughter to do as you wish. If he agrees willingly, you need to get it in writing to protect yourself and get it notarized by a professional. This could turn nasty if you just up and leave. He needs to be aware of your plans and everything that you intend to do with his child.

  • 8 years ago

    Hire a lawyer. Or at least get legal advice from one! You might have to start seeking full custody or working something out with the father. But if you leave without working something out (and more then just a verbal agreement) then if he decides he wants to do something about it then he has all rights to do something and make it harder for you. Good luck!

  • Mike
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    8 years ago

    You really can't do anything. He can yank you back 100% of the time. You could try to move there and establish residency without his knowledge, but if he catches you and brings you back, you look like a loser to a judge. This is part of being a parent with someone you don't get along with. It messes with your life.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, if he's as unattached as you say, he probably won't care. But if he does then you may have to get a lawyer to prove he has not been involved in the child's life. Under those circumstances, they may let you take her but they normally wouldn't if the dad objects.

  • TS
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    8 years ago

    Bring the fight to him. You want child support. All of it, from the time the child was born. All can be forfeited if he is willing to forget you and the child. Good Luck!!!!

  • mmm
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    8 years ago

    What could happen is he gets custody.....

  • Elenor
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    8 years ago

    I would just move. There shouldn't be anything for him to stop you.

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