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Should I dance? Go to the gym? Or do the insanity program?

I'm 14 I weigh 136 and I'm 5'4. Over the last two weeks, I have over ate A LOT. I gained up to 9lbs. My goal was to be skinny by summer and weigh 120. I don't really care about the number. I care more about how my body looks. So what do you think I should do to get the fastest results? Go to the gym? Do the insanity program? Or dance for an hour a day? I will be eating extremely healthy! Please tell me what to do! Thank You soo much(:

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    Although 136 isn't at all overweight, I know where you're coming from! I've danced and gone to the gym and they both worked. I think as long as you're eating healthy, going to the gym can accomplish a lot pretty fast. I've also had friends do work with the insanity program but they have made progress pretty slowly. They were disappointed with the money they had spent. I do personal training which is also expensive but just getting your skills and knowledge can happen online, go on youtube for some AWESOME exercises! We do a lot of the same things where I work out for 50$ a week! If you were to go running for even just a mile followed by an hour of dedicated work out, you'll be dropping 5, 6 pounds a week if you're really in to it and follow a nice diet. I hope you reach your goal!

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    ummmm well you should go on a diet Run like 1 km in morning & in evening . Stop over eating if you eat 4 slices of bread in break fast reduce it to 2 slices & yea you should dance as well just make sure that you dont trip & well go to the gym of course follow this routine & you will be in good shape in like a month.

    i hope this helped :)

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    I think you should do whatever you LIKE to do. If you don't love working out at the gym or doing work out videos then you aren't going to stick to it. I, personally, love dancing so I would pick that. I also like yoga and pilates so I would incorporate those too.

    Think about the exercises you like to do and do them daily.

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