Does anyone know how how transfer footage from a sony mini-dv camera to the internet?

Usb cable didn't work. Can't find any good answers on the net.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You have a mini dv (cassette) camcorder


    Your dv camcorder needs a firewire connection (ieee 1394) in order to download video, Firewire to usb will not work to download video. You might end up with only sound or only video. Your PC might not have a firewire port, so you will have to buy one and install it, you need to buy a firewire cord too. Your camcorder came with a USB cord and that is used for downloading stills from your camcorder. Make sure your camera is in playback mode. If you have a laptop, make sure your laptop has an empty bay for a card.

    The fine print in your manual makes reference to firewire (ieee 1394) connection.

  • 8 years ago

    Like Snowwillow20 says, IEEE1394 port, Firewire cable to get videos onto your Computer's Hard Drive. Then use Video Editing Program to edit, add titles, effects, transitions, credits, music, all as needed, then render your Video as File on your Hard Drive. Now, open your Web Browser, go to,/ sign in (after you create an account) then upload your Video.

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