Just found out my boyfriend is into incest?

I was on his computer looking something up (not snooping and seen something I thought I was looking for and clicked it, to my complete suprise it was every message he sent and received on his phone. At the top of the list I seen his cousin (whose my age and we somewhat know each other from school, my boyfriend is in his late 20s, we're 18)

She asked to give him a bj (i was shocked and was like i wonder how much is he goin to puke because he's told me more than once he would NEVER have incest, but here is proof that he does in fact enjoy it)

He asked her when and if she would let him n u t in her mouth again, and there were talking about it and about the time he had sex with her boyfriend, but mostly about her giving him oral sex, he was completely into it

Me and my boyfriend are pretty adventurous with each other, and last night I got him to do things we normally don't do in bed and it was great

I don't care that he's had incest because it's always have been a secret fantasy of mines to watch two hot cousins have incest, I just wouldn't with my own family.

I want to somehow get him to admit he's into incest without telling him I stumbled across it, I want him to be open with me, he probably only lies about incest because i always give a strong vibe that i hate it but i like it, just not with my own family.

I want to watch him in his cousin go at in person or even have a threesome with him for the 1st time, how do I bring this all up to him?


omg you guys, wheree we lived its extremely taboo but i said i would love to watch him do it so i want to get him to admit he likes it so i can ask him to watch

Update 2:

@navylost i wasn't snooping, i was using his computer searching for something to open my pictures with and then i clicked on this and this is what popped up, completely by mistake

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    8 years ago
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    Play: "Would you ever"

    Would you ever have sex with your cousin for £1000000, £1000, £100, for free?

  • 4 years ago

    Open minded lady is sweet i imagine. a lot of people have incestuous fantasies, you will discover how popular that's as a topic for porn and erotic writing. I also suspect that each and every teenage boy with a amazing teenage sister has had some recommendations about sis he probably shouldn't (i became accountable myself there!) yet actually those recommendations are very nearly by no skill followed with the help of to truly incest with sis (sis ought to rightly say no besides!). Such incestuous recommendations are very nearly always restricted to fantasy and masturbation and that i do not see something incorrect with that. similar with erotic recommendations about different family contributors. actually incest is between the merely properly taboos in our society and doubtless for solid reason. too a lot heavy luggage is going alongside with the actual element, fairly if any type of rigidity or coercion is in contact or if one better 1/2 is a minor. that's merely properly to be prevented in my view...yet fantasy with our with out masturbation isn't any massive deal. i must be more beneficial worried if someone became getting became on by utilising S&M, rape or any of that different awful violent porn available.

  • 8 years ago

    Only 26 states(with 6 under certain regulations) prohibit cousin marriage. It's really not a big deal in other places, like South America and Europe. I knew a couple who were cousins with kids and everything. It's not as bad for the genes as other "incest", it's still bad though. My mom's cousin is in love with my mom, despite her many rejections.

  • Aggy
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    8 years ago

    Why is that weird? In England and most of Western Europe you can marry first cousins. Why do you have a hang up about it?

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  • 8 years ago

    there are story sites, like nifty dot org read stories to him from there and that might get the juices flowing?

    otherwise drop random hints that you think his cousin is hot, ect and see how it goes

    ps, stop snooping its not healthy for relationships

  • 8 years ago

    Flirt with his cousin. Once you become friendly with her, and make it clear that you like to watch, she'll probly open up.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    so what? its more mainstream nowadays to be into incest. let him be.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    can I nut in your mouth too?

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