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Isn't all of Boston pretty a Gun Free Zone? no concealed carry, licensing of gun owners and registration?

is that why they used a bomb instead?

Goooooooooooo Gun control! It stopped a mass shooting. yeah.

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    I find this in poor taste, but in all fairness, this is exactly what gun control advocates do. This poor bugger's going to get railed on because it points out the obvious - killers will kill, irrespective of whether they can use a gun to do it.

    If you pray, pray for the victims and their families and friends, and pray for this horrific, depraved generation. Whether you pray or not, put your energy toward your own friends and family, showing them the care and love they need. Maybe if people did that instead of pointing fingers in news commentaries and Yahoo Answers, this kind of thing would happen less often.

  • Frank
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    8 years ago

    Your sarcasm does not substitute for your lack of logic.

    Guns flow into Boston from Alabama and Georgia, where gun laws are lax.

    The only way to have real gun control is with national laws.

    Why didn't the bombs contain C4 or other plastic explosives? Because those are federally controlled.

    Get a clue, because right now you look foolish.

  • wizjp
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    8 years ago

    Another rocket scientist rushing to judgment over the corpses of innocents.

    How about giving it a day before you go back to grinding whichever ax you are pushing today.

    It's really without any value at this point in time.

    Pray for the victims and their families and the people on the scene trying to help.

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