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What do you need when buying your first horse?

hi, I have a list of things you need for your first horse so I was wondering if theres anything else I forgot that is actually a necessity.

heres my list :




-bridle and bit


-lead ropes

-baby powder

-muck fork

-feed scoop

-fly spray and mask

-soft and hard brushes

-hoof pick





-water tub



-blanket for winter

I also am wondering, how many bales of hay should you buy for a month for a taller horse?

same question but with feed.

and do I have to take professional lessons or can I learn from my friend who takes professional lessons?

also, how much would a blanket for the winter cost?

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    Other things you can get are:

    -saddle pad

    -jell pad

    -bell boots

    -lunge rope and lunge whip

    -cooler blanket for after rides in the winter

    -summer blanket

    -winter blanket

    -shedding blade

    -brush for mane n' tail

    -show sheen

    -foot oil to keep their feet strong

    -tack cleaner and sponge



    And other extra stuff like riding gear(:

    For hay for a month can be like 50-80 bales and for Feed i'd say like 10 big bags?

    Also with Hay morning they get a flake, middle of day can be a flake, and afternoon/night can be 2 flakes!

    It depends on lessons how your horse is like if he's easy and you can handle him, then take it from your friend! But I definetly would take lessons with a pro for some time(:

    Blankets for winter range from 20-50 bucks!

  • You shouldn't be getting a horse if you haven't been taking PROFESSIONAL lessons from a real trainer for 4 years+. Here are other expenses/things to adhere to;

    -You have to have money. Set aside 10,000+ per year, including board and feed.

    -Where would you keep him? Unless you live on a large farm with a barn and parents that know about horses, find a boarding barn near you.

    -Do you even know anything about horses? What if your horse takes off in a field with you on him? What if he is pushing you over and shoving you with his head? Take some lessons on halter work and respect.

    -Your gear. You need boots with a heel, breeches or jeans, a helmet, gloves, and chaps.

    -Let me give you an estimate price for all of the supplies;




    bridle and bit-200



    baby powder- 5

    muck fork- 10

    feed scoop- 5

    fly spray and mask- 50

    grooming supplies- 50

    treats- 15



    water tub- 100

    hay-100 for 3 bales, 1 horse goes through roughly 1 bale a week

    feed-50 per 3 months

    blankets(sweat sheet, heavy blanket)-150+

    vet bills-save 175 per month

    farrier/shoer- 300 every 6 months

    saddle pad-30




    fencing-1,000 for a good pasture

    lunge lines/rope halters- 50

    I'm not trying to be mean here. I think it i very important that people know what they bargain for and that horses are not like hamsters.

    Source(s): Owner of 5 horses, hand-broke my first horse at the age of 9. Showing first level dressage and novice eventing.
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    Honestly, the idea of trying a horse out first seems so foreign to me. I've never done it. Now before people start having a heat attack, I've either a) bought horses at an auction, unbroken horses at that, b) had them kind of just dumped on us, or c) bought an unbroken horse from a rescue. So really, there just wasn't any opportunity to try any of them out. However, actually, from being on this website, I now see the benefits from trying out a horse, and if I ever buy a horse in a normal sale, I will definitely do that. And vet checks. Vet checks are just, wow. I love them. I do. I've never done one, but I will be next time I buy a horse that isn't an auction horse! I would never buy a horse from someone in a private sale without trying it out. That just seems stupid to me. If you have the opportunity to, then why pass that up? Some people, I just don't get their decisions.

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    Your First Horse

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    i think you pretty much got everything.. just dont foget about a curry comb, first aid kit, and barn stuff.. like a feed bowl for the horse, a wheel barrow, a bin to keep the grain in, and stuff like that. also, i would take lessons from an instructor. as for grain, figure 2-4 scopes per day, it depends entirely on the horse though. for hay figure about a bale a day per horse. depending on the horse, how much its outside, weather, ect. it will be less. blankets usually cost around $200. this sounds like it will be your first horse, just make sure your prepared. learn some signs of common diseases, make sure you have the time and money to care for one, and make sure you buy a safe, well broke beginners horse. hope this helps (:

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    Hello, I'd recommend you to go to a centre to learn riding and to learn the horse's needs. An expert instructor can give you the best advise also on feed, which if mismanaged can lead also do deadly diseases.

    Source(s): 11 years in the equestrian world, own 6 horses and studied 2 years natural horsemanship.
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