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Help white stuff comming out my nipples!!?

I am a girl and im not pregnant but when u squeeze my nipples white almost kinda thick stuff comes ouf not sure wat it is pleze help

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    there are ducts that produce an oil around the nipple.

    if your producing a white substance, or they are leaking, or one nipple is different from the other or they have changed shape/size, one or both nipples stay in or stay out, you need to see your doctor to get it checked.

    if you have noticed any changes, puffyness or swelling/bulgeing in the nipple you need to see your doctor.

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    it is milk. even with the certainty which you will not be pregnant, searching on the position you're on your menstral cycle alongside with relatively some diverse factors the hormone tiers on your physique replace. it would ensue greater interior the past due tiers of puberty. the tiers of hormones on your physique may want to cause the manufacturing of milk. it is essentially small portions and infrequently ever sufficient to pass away your physique. except you imagine of you're pregnant, or have pain or itching in that part, wherein case you could even see your gp, then it isn't something to pressure about.

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    you should not squeeze your nipples this could be an infection even if it is white so PLEASE STOP SQUEEZING THEM

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