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2nd chance ruined now?

i dated this guy last year, things went a bit to fast for him and he thought he was ready and he kinda jumped the gun. Well he recently contacted me on easter and weve been talking since. the past two weeks have been so nice talking with him, weve even talked about last year and he actually said sorry to me too for the way things ended too.

well he is busy with school now, hes in perimedic school. (not sure how to spell it) its very hard and hes there 8 hours a day mon-fri for the next 8 months. well i had some job issues happen and over the weekend he told me that with his stresses of school and in general and with mine he said he isnt able to handle all of it. so i tried talking to him about it and now i havent heard from him.

i was hoping we could have a 2nd chance in becoming friends/more again and now idk if i blew it cause i vented about my job issues or what. i know hes busy with schooling and of course i know its very important but i thought i was talking to a friend, i didnt think hed come back and say this to me. so now idk what to do and im hurt/sad cause i had such a great time talking these past two weeks and idk if i blew it now or what. :(

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Only time will tell. Give him some time if you think he needs it, and if you can get through to him, then you know. Also its paramedic :P

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