Is there such thing in taxidermy like a "stuffed animal"?

I was just curious to find out if there is such an item out there like a small mounted animal without the hard mold underneath. I know that that's what holds the shape of the animal, but is there anyone out there who sells them in a "plush" form..? I hope I'm making sense here.. Like a limp stuffed animal plush version of a mount but with the fur, tail, and ears still intact..? Please help, I know I sound like an idiot.. No sarcastic answers please.. If there is such thing I'd like a link to a website..? Thanks.

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    8 years ago
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    The hard molds are a recent innovation, largely because such a mold keeps the pelt in top condition. Before that they used a lot of different things , even sand.

    A "plushy" isn't going to be popular because it wont' retain it's shape. Ever seen a fur with the head still attached? It's barely recognizable.

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