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Getting kicked out house - Join Military?

So my family real hates me & after I finish these last 2 weeks of college I am getting kicked from home (30day notice crap). I had a backup plan to join the Air Force Reverses but I was wondering where woud I live?? Thoughts? (Note: family is totally against military but once I get kicked out I don't plan on ever seeing them again)

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    If you join the reserves, then where you will live is your problem and you need to figure this out before you enlist. The military will not provide you with a place to live and they wont help you pay for one either.

    Just understand that enlisting isn't going to solve all of your issues and can easily make them much worse.

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    You do understand that you will NOT ship out to training the same day you join....

    Never going to see your family again? Dude, you got some real issues here and I can only pray you do not join the military. You have not talked to a recruiter, have you? You don't even know if you can get it.

    Do you think it's the 1950's and they accept just anybody? What a college degree makes a difference? Grow up, get your personal life squared away, if your personal like is screwed up, your military career will be screwed up as well.

    In the military you need family, a support system. You don't have it. Fix what's wrong by talking and being reasonable. You know, give a little...

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    You could join the the airforce enlisted active. if you have your BA, then you can most likely go in as an officer. What matter is it that your family dislikes the military... and you.. (which i am very sorry to hear).

    If you are enlisted, you will at least have a place to live for 4yrs, and when your out, (if you've saved up) have money for a place to live.

    but if you personally like you want to avoid the military at all cost... room with a friend?

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    Are there some type of youth hostels out there? Talk again to your family. I can't believe that parents would kick their 21 to 22 year-old son out of the house knowing that he had no place to go.

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    Well, if you were to join the Air Force Reverses, they would give you a place to live. But it is a good idea not to join the Air Force because rumors are heard there is a lot of anal sex in the showers there as it tends to be the "homosexual" side of the army. Unless you are ready for constant fighting in the showers, I would not recommend joining the Air Force. The Marines sound like a better option to me.

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    military should be your last resort. do you have enough money fr an apartment? can you get a job?

    if the answer to those two is yes. then do it. but no then join the military.

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    the Reserves does not qualify for housing so that is your problem to figure out

    it also can take a year before you actually get in.

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    Friends other family or girlfriend maybe

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    Go back home, i bet they really miss you.

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