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Why didnt my hair dye work?

Im a medium to dark brunette and i tried dying my hair am iced golden brown from loreal which is like light brown with a reddish tint or darker. I put in it perfectly followed all the steps and the top is reddish brown like i want it but the ends are almost black. What happened and should i fix it

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    Because if you look on the side of the box and match up your color in your hair it will tell you what it will look like when you die it

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    When working with store dye, the final product does not always come out the way you want it. Since you were aiming for lighter color, it is harder for the product to change the hair. I have a lot of experience with hair dye and you can either pay money for a professional to fix it, or put more store bought dye on the hair. I have done both and they both turn out great. It didn't work with your hair because hair dye from the store is no where near as strong as salon dye. Just keep dying your hair until it fits your needs.

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    you need a stronger developer. I recommend going to sally beauty supply and getting the color you want, and then selecting a stronger developer. One of the employees there should help you. When you get products like loreal, you dont have a choice with how strong you want the color to be and the developer that comes with it isnt strong enough. You need to get like a 30 or 40 developer if you're changing the color of your hair drastically.

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