I like guys AND girls. but its their personalities.?

Basically, i like both guys and girls. for guys, i like their looks better than girls. but for either guys or girls, i like their personalities. i might feel attracted to a guy because they may be sweet or kind, or i feel close to them. the same goes for girls. i dont ever think of kissing and-well- other things unless i really like them or think they're cute/ hot. so what does this mean? would i be gay straight or bi? or maybe something different from those that arent said very often?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's hard to explain, but I'll do my best. There's 3 types of attraction: physical, emotional and sexual. Regardless of your sexual orientation, you can be emotionally attracted(as in liking their personality, falling in love, crushes, etc.) To anyone, boy OR girl. It just depends if you let yourself. And you seem like a pretty open person, so that really isn't a problem. Next is physical attraction (thinking if someone is attractive) the same thing applies, you can think someone is attractive, male or female, whatever your sexual orientation may be. If that weren't the case, all girls would be lesbians be because they're always complimenting each other. The only reason that doesn't happen with guys is because guys are generally homophobic and TERRIFIED to be gay. You would know that if you say "you look nice" to a guy and they're like, "dude are you gay?" Lastly, there's sexual attraction and that's the only one you can't help. Because of that, that's what "technically" makes a person gay and if they are sexually attracted to the same sex, they are gay, whether married or denying it or not knowing it, etc. People base that they are 'straight' because they think the opposite sex is attractive. *cough**cough* me. But what I failed to realize is that if I weren't afraid to be gay as well as those who actually are straight, is that anyone can look attractive to you. Anyways, for me the thought of sleeping with a woman was repulsive, and it still is *shivers*. I never fully understood why guys adored the female body, boobs and vagina, and I never will. It's so nasty. If you feel the same way as me, then you're gay. If you don't feel that way, then you could potentially be straight, but just very comfortable with people and yourself, and that's good too! If you like both, then you are bisexual. I have a feeling that you're gay and I could be wrong, but I hope this make sense.

  • Lava
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    8 years ago

    Nope. Personality has a part for everyone in attraction, but attraction is also always physical too for sexual people. Were it true that it's only personality, you'd be in love with this old, gross, toothless 80 year old woman, who's kinder and wiser and funnier than anyone who is young and not physically repulsive.

    If you're sexually attracted to men and women you're bisexual. Doesn't matter that you need to know them a bit before you feel attraction. Point is once you like them as a person, you feel sexual attraction as well. If that happens with dudes and chicks, then you're bi.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I know, I hate how people say be yourself. I am always myself, and someone telling me that is only messing that up. I would say just think about what you like about yourself and be that. Happy, funny, considerate, be interested in the guy if you like him, there are numerous other positive things. Show him who you are, don't be shy, or else you may give him the wrong idea as to who you are.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Bisexual from the sound of it. But do you feel sexually attracted to girls, most gay guys like girls personalities because it sometimes matches their own.

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