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What to take at alevel?

Do these a levels go well together? Textiles, History, Geograpy and phsycology? And does anyone know how easy or hard they are? And are they good a levels to take? Thanks:)

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    hey .. ive done my a-levels..i can tell you that make sure you can balance them well, i found history and phsycology to be rather big a-levels and with the exams too they can be rather hard to handle. It really depends on you tho if you can handle then go for it a-levels are hard and are nothing like GCSEs. the choice you have started are good they show balance and interest which uni's like.

    so just read up on the courses look at the units and sectors they have and also the exams then make your decision, but nothing is final you can do a year n if you don't like it then you will still walk away with a AS-level :)

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  • Joseph
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    8 years ago

    History is a hard one, Geography is fairly easy, Textiles and Psychology are classed as "doss" subjects.

    As for being good subjects, it depends on what you want to do.

    You'll probably be able to go to Uni and study a Geography/History/Psych based subject, perhaps a Textiles one, if they don't need Art, but you won't be able to access any of the Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, or English/Maths subjects.

    Which is fine, except Geography, History and Psychology don't have the best employment prospects, and Textiles doesn't have any market at all.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It depends on your future plans. It sounds like you've picked 4 subjects you enjoy... They're quite diverse, so I can't guess what kind of career you want! If you're aiming towards a specific job or university course, do some research about what A-levels you need to get there.

    Personally, I would drop textiles and do something like English or maths which are more attractive to universities and employers.

    Good luck :)

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