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Should i give up on this girl?

I liked a girl for a few month now, we got pretty close (texting everyday and seeing each other pretty much everyday) also we often kiss on drunken encounters. The problem is she is my friend's ex, and after telling her that I liked her she said that she does like me too but didn't want to make things awkward. Anyway after giving it a couple of week I told her I couldn't speak to her as much because she will just end up hurting me and i need to get over her now haven't spoken in like a week but i'm still thinking about her

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    i say keep doing what you're doing. don't be so available to her. if she makes the effort to come around on her own, then she must be worth taking a chance with. if she's just gonna sit on her hands and not try to make anything happen, then i guess it's her loss.

    she's probably not completely over her ex, so don't be surprised if they start back up again. he's probably more important to her, than you currently are. that's the way these things typically go.

    funny how hooking up with you is alright, but to actually try being together would be the awkward part. nothing like a female's logic to help you understand the situation much better. sarcasm.

    best wishes

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    If I were you I'd probably try and figure out why her and your friend broke up, see if she's bad news. If the breakup had nothing to do between the type of person she is, then you're in a tough spot. Don't try asking your friend if it's okay for you to date her, because, as most guys do, he'll probably say he doesn't have an issue with it, and then two months later coming after you and her with an ax. But you know how they say "relationships shouldn't get in the way of friendships"? well "Friendships shouldn't get in the way of relationships." If you really like this girl, you should go out regardless of what people think, and if he's really your friend, he'll respect your decision to go out with her.

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    You can't help it when you like someone it just happens as you get close. If I was you I wouldn't give up and yes it's a little awkward when you go with your mates ex but that's life and if they've been broke up for a while then it shouldn't matter

  • Anonymous
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    Don't give up! Liking could lead to loving and talk to your friend about it he will understand..

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  • 8 years ago

    If you really like her no you should not give up.

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