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I'm going on vacation with a boy?

I am 15 years old and I am going to myrtle beach with my family. My mom and dads friends are also going. They have a son and a daughter and we all talk sometimes. The boy is 16 and the girl is 9. I really want something to happen (sx wise) but idk how to go about it. How can we get alone together and how should I approach him? Idk how to start these things.

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    So there's this show called "Teen mom"...

    Look, if he doesn't want anything to happen, then it won't. To be honest it doesn't even sound as if you know him, and that either you are a slut, or you feel peer pressured into doing things with a guy.

    If you like him, then thats great, but he may not like you back. Don't do anything, if you just want to use him. And as i say, he may not want to do anything in the first place.

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