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Runescape: Good F2P monster drops to high alch?

I haven't played RS in over a year, prior to when I played for like 6+ years straight, so I'm completely lost due to all the updates.

Ok so as I'm getting back into RS a little, I haven't upgraded to members and have to roam around in the begging infested, bot friendly, and scamming free to play worlds. Before the big level update, I was combat level 120, when max was 138. Now it says something like 184 but I don't know what the hell that means.

Anyways here's the details. I'm level 78 range and I'm trying to get to 80. While doing so I'd like to make some money through high alching monster drops. So the question is, where and what monsters should I kill, so they can drop good enough loot for me to high alch. I have 11M in cash so spending money isn't really a problem. Take into account that I'd have to buy the nature runes, at whatever their cost is. When I played they were around 300 or so. The money gained from the high alching minus the money lost due to nature runes and arrows should be positive. In simpler terms, there should be a net profit gained from this.

Also I'm not talking about PKing. This is mostly to train range, however I'd like to make some money on the side and raise magic in the process.

Also if you know a lot about range equipment, can you suggest the best F2P range outfit. I've looked on the net and this is what I have:

-Magic shortbow

-Full green d'hide

-Power Amulet

-The regular boots I don't even know their name

-Steel arrows

-Is there a cape I need? In my bank I remember I have Ava's Accumulator but that's just for members. Is there anything similar?

(I've posted the same question on Reddit)

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    This is the best answer that I can think of. There was a large update with the combat style, the game is called Evolution Of Combat now. From now on, there are "abilities" and you can use them to fight and hit higher. They are found under the magic tab, then click for what type of combat method you are training, for you, you would click the range button. If you do not use them, and decide to fight like the old Runescape, you will not hit as high, so you will need to learn to use the abilities. You can drag them to your "action bar" (Above your chat screen, click the minimize button to bring it up/minimize it), and you can use the abilities by pressing the button your "keybind" is selected to. Like the first bar is "1" you can click "1" on your keyboard, and it will do the ability. You can customize the keybind to any letter/number you want, just right click the bar and click "custom key bind" and press the letter you want it to react to, like if you press "a", and click "a" in the middle of combat, you will do that ability that is in the bar. You cannot do this if the action bar is minimized, so you will need to bring it up when you are training combat. Once your Adrenaline (the yellow bar that increases it's size after you complete an ability) increases, you will be able to use more advanced abilities.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe there are any good F2P monsters that drop a lot of alchable items except Lesser demons/greater demons. They only drop a rune helm once a while. You can camp them at your level, bring a lot of arrows, even iron will do, and use your abilities. There may be a few, but not a lot of drops.

    -Magic bow is for members, in your case you will need to buy a Maple Shortbow

    -Iron arrows are just as pretty good as steel, if you don't want to waste as much money.

    -Any team-cape will do.

    -Boots = Leather boots or none I guess

    -Avas Accumulator is for members.

    Decent armour.

    Although, if you ever decide to become members, this method can make you 400K+ hr easily.

    I would recommend you to do grotworms, they are very easy, especially to use magic or ranged against them at a 60+ level. You can make at least 400k per hour with a Bunyip with you. If you want to stay there for a long time, bring about 6 or 7 (or more) so you won't have to go to the bank and back. A bunyip requires 68 Summoning and it heals you every 15 seconds. Bring some Nature runes with you and a fire staff too, high alch all the adamant drops and some rune Armour drops that are worth less than what they alch for, just price check all the rune drops you get, and high alch each one, and you will know if you made a profit off alching it or not. If you did, keep alching it, it will save you time from going to your bank, and you will make extreme profit off this method. With a BOB, nature runes, and on a German server alone with no bots, you can make up to 500k per hour if you are concentrated. Once your summoning points lower, you can go outside and replenish them, and go back in.

    If you don't have the summoning level you need, no worries! it is still at least 350K per hour.

    Check Youtube videos for anymore information!

    Have fun! Good luck!

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    When i was f2p i always alched green d hide bodies, they cost bout 4.6k ea and you loose around 100--150gp, that covers nature runes too so its not that bad... rune daggers and rune maces are also good to alch loosing around 100gp for them too.

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