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How to gel hair up efficiently?

Ok so for more than half year I've been gelling hair up, the problem I've been having is that my hair doesn't "stay" there, it just goes down automatically after a couple hours or something, I want my hair to look the same even if I ran a lap outside or jump up and down.

I'm not sure which gel im using, but its the type where you squeeze it out like cream.

And yes I do rub the gel in my hand before I spread it in my hair.

By the way, my hair just goes soft after a while, like before it's like hard and shiny, but after a couple hours maybe it;s just soft and dull.

So guys is there another way which is better to gel hair up?? I need advices please!

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    Im a girl but I do my little brothers hair everyday. I use Mitch styling cream, you only need a little bit and it stays all day. I use clean cut on him, he says its not heavy either, you can even blow dry it into your hair. You can google it and order it online or buy it at sports clips. Its a little pricy but you need less than a dime size amount it works wonders. You know it works when an 11 year old comes home with the hair he left home with. Seriously you will love it!

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