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Ideas for my story please?!?


I'm writing a story -duh- that has the zodiac signs.

It first starts off in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England but then the two girls and boy has to go looking for the other zodiac holders. I was wondering where else to go?

Here are the places I have written down (the other towns in England are for the main character to talk about where she visited):

-Liverpool (England)

-Redbridge (England)

-Holmes Chapel (England)

-Doncaster (England)

-Mullingar (Ireland)

-Lyon (France)

-Sydney (Australia)

-Ido (Japan)

I want them to travel but not make the book corny. It's going to be a trilogy (three books) so it won't be overwhelming in the first book. They gather the last holder in the last book and then then ending.

Please give me help on:


-Different places? (They're also going to go to the USA for about four-five people)

-Any other ideas will be helpful! ^-^ :)

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    Hawaii or Dubai would be a cool place...canary islands can find some places on internet where there are lots of caves and mountains so it will be interesting, you can even make up your own place under or above ground in the sky...heres a link of all zodiacs

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    For the USA part, maybe instead of a big city like many authors do, pick a small city, like Bluffton, Which is in south carolinA. As far as zodiacs, Virgo saggitarius or Pisces?

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    what's the significance of the zodiac in the story that should help figure where to go

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