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If a golfer shoots a 105-110,what would his golf handicap be?

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    This is not how handicap is calculated but it's a good way to start.

    Here are the instructions to do it the right way

    Step one

    Play five rounds of 18-hole golf or take the scores from your last five rounds of 18-hole golf. The five rounds are what are commonly used to calculate a handicap. If you were to take the scores from more or fewer than five rounds, there would be a different formula and it would not be as accurate.

    Step 2 Consult the scorecard or call the course clubhouse to find the rating and slope for each course you played during the five rounds. This might seem a little odd, but not every course is as easy as the next. You might shoot 5-under par at an easier course, but at Pebble Beach, you might shoot 15-over par. The difficulty of the course has to be taken into account to measure different golfers against each other.

    Step 3 Take the scores you shot at each course and subtract the golf course's rating from that number. Make sure to use the correct course rating for each score or your handicap will be skewed--and not necessarily in your favor.

    Step 4 Get the product of each of the five numbers you calculated in Step 3 multiplied by 113. The 113 is the universal number used for official U.S. Golf Association handicaps, although it might seem a little arbitrary.

    Step 5 Find what is commonly referred to as the golf differential by dividing each of the five numbers you have after steps 3 and 4 by the slope rating of the courses.

    Step 6 Take the lowest of the five numbers you calculated in Step 5 and multiply by "0.96." Once you have this number, disregard any decimals after the second number and this is your golf handicap

    Golf Tips: How to Calculate a Golf Handicap |

    Source(s): A golf handicap is a universal tool used to measure one golfer to another. Golf handicap can also be used to level the playing field when someone is golfing against someone significantly better than they are. The number associated with a golfer's handicap represents how many strokes over par that golfer should shoot on average. If a golfer were to average par, this is known as being a "scratch" player.
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    Elson gave you some good info. But a handicap is based on the course you are playing at's slope rating. So you need to figure out what this is. I wouldn't recommend keeping track yourself though though there is no point. If the club you are a member at is a country club then you need to go to the pro shop and have them set up a handicap for you. Once you do that after every round you just hand in your signed scorecard and they enter it into a handicap calculator which keeps track of you handicap. If its not a country club go to and set up a handicap for yourself. You will be given a GHIN number that you enter. Then you enter the score manually into a handicap calculator and receive an email every month telling you your handicap. If you are just looking for a rough handicap not exact then it would be 33 if you are playing on a PAR 72 course. Good luck getting your handicap down

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    Above 100, maximum golf handicap is 28.

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    just remember a handicap is based on how much over par your best rounds are not your average,

    unless your going to get a registered handicap by turning in your cards to the pga

    also remember 3 over par per hole is max score to determine a handicap

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    about 25 on a good day

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    His clubs.....

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